Fresh Veggies

The pandemic had me staying in voluntary self isolation for a long while, but eventually I got completely fed up with not being able to do my own shopping. It’s a right pain in the arse when you order your groceries and then things go wrong with your order – as happens all too often….

Apple Pie Filling

I bought apples the other day. Lots and lots of them. Many more than I could eat in a short time, but they were cheap. And they looked good. And of course there are ways to make sure your apples won’t go to pot. So I made applesauce. And apple pie filling. That took care…

The trouble with soy

Though many vegans and vegetarians include soy in their diets, you may have noticed that all my recipes are soy-free. I’m not – as far as I know – allergic to soy. So why would I avoid a food that’s cheap, versatile, protein rich and is said to have many health benefits? It seems silly….

The perfect meal plan (part 2)

In my previous post on this topic, The perfect meal plan (part1), we explored why it’s so hard for a Spoonie like me to make a meal plan and then stick with it. Summarising, these are the complicating factors medical need to eat a gluten free diet energy levels often low pain levels might be…

Corona Muffins

As of today, Corona Muffins are a thing. My thing. I was going to make biscuits but didn’t have the right ingredients. So I decided to make muffins instead. Didn’t have the right ingredients for them either, so I improvised. And the muffins magically turned into something more resembling scones. Pity I don’t have clotted…