Fresh Veggies

The pandemic had me staying in voluntary self isolation for a long while, but eventually I got completely fed up with not being able to do my own shopping. It’s a right pain in the arse when you order your groceries and then things go wrong with your order – as happens all too often….

My Muse is back!

If you’ve recently visited my profile, you’ll have seen that it says: “Fantasy writer, Food Blogger, Cat Lover, Spoonie”, and you’ll see that I have two blogs. This one, and “The Elven Curse“, which is a recent addition. It has only two posts yet. The Prologue and Chapter one, but that will change soon enough….

Too much

I don’t isolate myself. I seek solitude to find respite from social overwhelm. Withdrawal. Society tends to view withdrawal as a bad thing. It is not. Or rather, it doesn’t have to be. There are times when withdrawal is a need. Sometimes even a life-saving necessity. This has been true for me. Not the life-saving…

Five minutes

When preparing an entire meal seems too daunting a task, you’ve got other options. Order take-out. Expensive, and usually not all that healthy, but it’s an option. Heat up a freezer meal. With some luck, you’ve even got a couple of home-made meals in your freezer. Make a sandwich. Not very nourishing, but at least…