How to: Instant Pot Beans

When you’re eating a (mostly) plant based diet, beans are probably one of your staples. They’re very affordable and generally considered a good source of protein – though plant proteins are incomplete and harder for the human body to process than animal proteins. This need not be a problem however, as long as you make sure you eat a balanced diet.

You can, of course, buy your beans in tins or jars. That’s certainly convenient and I try to always have some jars of beans in my pantry, as a fast and easy backup. That said, it’s not hard to cook dried beans – and that’s even cheaper than buying tins and jars. It’s even easier when using your Instant Pot, which also means you’ll never have to deal with the mess that happens when your beans boil over. That kind of thing simply does not happen with the Instant Pot. Win-win.

Cooking beans in your Instant Pot involves just 6 easy steps

  1. Pick through the beans and discard any that look shriveled or discoloured
  2. Soak your beans overnight
  3. Drain, and rinse well
  4. Add beans to Instant Pot and cover with plenty of water
  5. Pressure cook for the specified amount to time
  6. Allow for natural release

Chick peas: 20-22 minutes
White beans: 14-16 minutes
Pinto beans: 10-12minutes

Note: The above ones are the only beans I’ve cooked in the Instant Pot yet. I’ll be adding more to the list as I cook more beans in the Instant Pot.

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