Oven Roasted Veggies

I love oven roasted veggies and almost always make them during a meal prep session as they are easy, tasty and versatile.

They’re so easy, I don’t even have a real recipe for them. I also won’t be giving you exact amounts, because that really depends on what you want and how much you’ll be making.


  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • 1 Courgette (Zucchini, for my US readers)
  • Carrots
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 3 tbsp cooking oil
  • salt, pepper and other seasonings to taste


Peel and quarter onions.

Wash or peel potatoes, courgette and carrots, and cut them into chunks roughly the size of a cherry tomato. A bit bigger won’t hurt.

Rinse and halve cherry tomatoes.

Place all veggies in an oven dish. Add cooking oil and seasonings. (I like oregano and thyme.) Peel and press or mince garlic. Stir.

Place in oven at 180C/350F (-ish) and roast for 20 minutes. Take the dish out of the oven, stir, place back in the oven and give it another 20 minutes.

That’s all. Easy, peasy.

Recipe Tip

Use whichever veggies you like (with the exception of leafy greens). I’ve made this dish with mushrooms, cauliflower, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, butternut squash… Heck, you could even use Brussels sprouts if you happen to like the horrid things.

Serving Tip

Serve with avocado mayonnaise and a good glass of wine.

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