Cheat prep

When your fridge and your cupboards are empty, when most of your spoons have been used up, but you still have to eat…

That’s when you have no choice but to cheat. You could order take-out. If money allows.

Personally, I don’t like to order take-out. It’s expensive, and because of my dietary restrictions, my choices are severely limited. And all too often, it takes these guys forever to finally show up with the food.

So here’s my In Case of Emergency scenario.

I go online to see what’s on offer at one of the closest supermarkets. I figure out what I need to buy to be able to make myself a quick, easy, healthy meal or two. I write a shopping list which usually includes:

  • pre-cut veggies
  • canned legumes
  • some instant meal
  • soup

Then I go for a – hopefully – quick shop.

When I get back home, I just need to throw something together using some of the ingredients I just bought. Or even just heat up that soup or add boiling water to that instant meal.

I won’t be eating the best meal ever. It won’t be as nutritious as what I usually have. It won’t be as tasty, and it will be more expensive, but at least I won’t go hungry and wear myself out even more. So it’s still a win.

What are your choices for emergency meals?

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  1. My favorite way around this is to cook extra when I’m cooking and then have something in the freezer. My home made soup is so much better. My leftover cheese sauce makes it easy to perk up frozen veggies. Cooked stuff that I cooked is much tastier than the ready to serve stuff available at the store.

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    1. daankatz says:

      You’re absolutely right. When you’ve got a homemade meal in the freezer, then that’s what you should eat. And in one of my earlier posts I actually recommend doing this: cooking extra and freezing it. However, when your fridge and cupboards are empty – and your freezer too – that’s what I had in mind when I wrote this post. 🙂


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